A peculiar Newsletter

A peculiar Newsletter

Newsletter of the
IAU Working Group on Ap and Related Stars

A very specialized astronomical circular 
founded in Vienna at JD 2 443 793.917

How it works


Welcome to the newest face of "A peculiar Newsletter" (ApN).

Although we maintain the same name, the face of ApN has now changed substantially.

The original main goal of ApN was to serve as a reference source for links to the most recent contributions to the research field of Ap and related stars. This task, previously accomplished by adding abstracts to the online version of ApN, has become redundant and obsolete. Today, authors now submit their recently-accepted papers to the Arxiv astro-ph repository, and we are sure that much of the community benefits tremendously from dedicated electronic searching through the abstract service offered by ADS. Therefore the section "Abstracts of Accepted Papers" has now been substituted by a link to ADS.

In the upper left panel of the main page of the ApN there are two links ("Related papers of the last 2 months" and "Related papers of the last 6 months") that will open an ADS search window with papers related to Ap and related stars that appeared during the last 2 and 6 months, respectively. The search is provided by the use of appropriate keywords applied to abstracts of the last 2 and 6 months. The detailed search criteria, included the keywords used, are shown on this page: Paper search info, reachable also from the main page (upper left panel - "Paper search info").

Another goal of ApN was to circulate news and, it was hoped, to foster discussion within the Ap and related stars community. We believe that this goal may be most conveniently accomplished through a web-based public forum, which represents now the core of ApN. Members may post threads to ApN, and other members may answer/comment to them. In the next lines we explain how to post threads and how to answer/comment to them.

By sending an e-mail to the editors, Users can request registration. Registered users will be provided with a username and a (temporary) password (in the next lines it will be explained how to change the password). Registration is important because:

  • Only registered users can post new threads.
  • Only registered users can comment publically on threads.
  • Occasional (i.e., non-registered) visitors can read all threads and comments.

Announcements of various kinds (conferences/workshops/meetings, ads for jobs, etc.), Abstracts of PhD and Master's theses, and Messages from the Editors, will still be included on the www site, but now using the either the ADS or by initiating threads.

The main page is divided into three panels - left, central and right panel. On the central panel are the Newsletter entries. Every entry has a title, a text, the date on which it was posted, the name of the author of the entry, to which category the entry belongs (if any) and the number of comments and trackbacks. The trackbacks, irrelevant for our purposes, are locked, so just ignore them. Clicking on the author of the entry you will let you see all the entries posted by that author. Clicking on the category (if it exists it's the link just to the right of the author) will let you see all the entries belonging to that category. To show the comments related to an entry it's enough to click on the link "|Comments(N)|" under the entry (with N, number of comments posted to the entry). After all the comments link, there is a panel where one can post a comment to the entry. To post a comment, enter both your name and the comment. Blank comments or comments without an associated name are automatically rejected. Email address and homepage are not necessary. To have a preview of the comment without publishing it, click on the "Preview" button. To publish the comment click on "Submit Comment". (Note that your comment will not be published until you select "Submit Comment".)

On the left panel there are:

  • a link to open the administration page ("Open login screen"). This link will bring you to a page that, once signed in, will allow you to write entries and manage your account
  • calendar. The days marks in red are the days in which at least one entry was posted.
  • a search tool. Entering a keyword will result in all entries that contain that word being displayed.
  • a tool for paper search, related to the Ap topic. This section of the ApN page has already been explained above.
  • archives. Clicking on one of the months, all the entries during that month will be displayed.
  • "HOW IT WORKS" page. This page.
  • "IAU Working Group on Ap and Related Stars". List of the members of the organizing committee and their email addresses (encripted)
  • As already stated, in order to post a thread or a comment it is necessary that you have a password. To obtain a password, send an email to one of the editors asking for a password. Within a short time you will receive a username and a temporary password.

    On the upper left panel there is a link called "Open login screen" (if you are signed in to your account, this becomes "Open administration"). Clicking here, ApN will ask your username and password. Once you have entered the username and password that one of the editors has sent to you, the management window will be opened. Clicking on "Frontpage" (up - left) you will always return to this page from anywhere in the management area. If this is your first time using your account, you should change your password by clicking on "Personal Settings" (up - left) and entering a new password chosen by you. If you want to change some of the settings related to the editor (WYSIWYG editor), comments, trackbacks and entries, please contact one of the editors first.

    Clicking on "New Entry" (up - left) you open the window that will allow you to post an entry. Type the title of your entry and select which category the entry will be associated with (top - right), if any. To request to add a new category, send an email to the editors. Prepare your entry by adding text in the "Entry Body" section. If "Allow comments to this entry" is selected, all registered users can comment to your entry; if it is not selected, no comments will be possible. If "Comments & trackbacks to this entry requires moderation" is selected, all comments posted by a registered user will require verification by the editors before they are posted (there is probably no reason to use this option). Clicking on "Extended body", you can enlarge the writing area to type your entry. Once you have finished preparing your entry, you can preview your entry by clicking on the "Preview" button. If you are satisfied with it than you can click on the "Save" button to publish your entry.

    Clicking on "Edit Entries" on the left panel you with reach all the entries posted by you. In this area you can delete your entries and edit them, even if already posted, just by clicking on "Delete" and "Edit" respectively (below the time and date related to the entry). Clicking on the title of the entry you can edit the entry. It's also possible to find a particular entry using the various filters at the beginning of the page. You can filter the entries via the author of the entry or/and the category or/and the content. It's also possible to sort the found entries by date (date of the posted entry), publish, author, category, last update, title, ID (number of the entry in the whole ApN). Then you can decide to order the entries in descending or ascending order, and select the number of displayed entries per page (12 or 16 or 50 or 100).

    Clicking on "Add media" on the left panel allows you to add some files (images, text, pdf files, ps files...whatever) to your entries and allow everyone to download the file. How can you do it? Click on the "Browse..." button. Now you can select from your computer the file to add as media in the ApN. Once you have selected the file to add, you have to decide which name give to this file in the ApN. In case there are different directories, please choose the directory in which you want to store the file with the "Store inside the following directory" button. To add more than one file click on "Add more images". If you want to give the possibility to all the users to use your file in their entries sign "All authors". Once you are satisfied, click "Go!". To add the files to your entries click on the "Media" button (top - right) when you type your entry. Than to add the file, click on it and follow the easy instructions, if the file is not automatically added.

    Clicking on "Media library" on the left panel you have the sum of all the media files actually in the ApN system. As for the entries, you can filter and sort them. In case of text files, you can read, rename and delete them. In case of images you can see, rename, enlarge, rotate and delete them. Remember that everyone will be allowed to perform these operations (deletion and renaming included) if you allow all the authors to use them.

    Clicking on "Back to Weblog" on the left panel you will go back to the main page of the ApN.

    Clicking on "Logout" you will logout from the ApN server.

    Last but not least, we remind you that ApN has changed address: http://apn.arm.ac.uk/newsletter

    Your ApN Editors: Stefano Bagnulo (sba AT arm.ac.uk), Luca Fossati (l.fossati AT open.ac.uk), & Gregg Wade (Gregg.Wade AT rmc.ca)